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The rules of participation in the race
The event applies to MTB technical rules of HBS  and UCI. Contestants participating accept the regulations of the race, run at their own risk and accept our terms of exemption from liability, therefore there is no legal significance whether is application or starting number made peronally or by a third party. The organizer is not responsible for the consequneces in case of an accident or charges for equipment. Organizer will not be responsible for  consequences for offenses committed by drivers to third parties. The race will take place regardless weather conditions.

Environmental rules
During the race, competitors must not pollute and destroy flora and fauna. Competitors must not dispose waste; they are required to carry waste. It is forbidden to waste disposal at any location between the start and finish line. For any violation of the above prepositions, the competitor will be disqualified.

Participants younger then 18 years old are obligated to submit CONSENT regarding participation in the race, signed by a parent/guardian with the contact information (address, phone number, cell-phone number) in order to be provided for verification. All participants must be acompanied by an adult (family or club member) who is responsible for them.

The organizer shall ensure the track and all the other conditions during training / racing. All dangerous places are protected by nets and sacks filled with hay and the track will be marked with PVC strips. Along the track will be provided guards and mountain rescue team. In the finish line there will be team of ambulance and amergency doctor.

The competitors are provided with medical assistance, tehnical assistance,
showers, bike washing, lunch( Sunday).

Transportation for all competitors during the official training, qualifications and final race is provided by the organizers and is included in entry fee. It takes about 20 minutes for the competitor be taken from finish line to start. (approxymately 100 competitors per hour).

Participation fee  is 200 kn. (30 €)

Time measurement
Timing and data processing will be carried out by metering service (Delta Sport) in terms of current regulation.

Additonal notes
The right to participate in the race has one that has tehnically correct MTB bicycle, the one that wears halmet („fullface“) and body armor during the training and race. Other protective equipment is recommended.

According to the ordinance they shall be given to the main referee of the race with a deposit in the amount of 100 kn. To appeal to the event that happened during the race competitors must appeal within 15 minutes after finishing the race. To appeal to the results of the race competitors must appeal within 15 minutes after the results were announced.


Ivo Rilović

BBK Ivanščica, Lančić 51. 42240 Ivanec
Gsm; +385 (0)98/910-2862 Miro
Gsm; +385 (0)95/808-9493 Nino

 No stomping mushrooms and save environment !


QUALIFICATION RUN 2015 Miha Ivančić, ŠKD Avče

Brdsko biciklistički klub Ivanščica iz Ivanca osnovala je skupina zaljubljenika u brdski biciklizam još 2005. godine iz Varaždina. S obzirom da u to vrijeme...

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